Wooden Yoga Dice
Wooden Yoga Dice

    Wooden Yoga Dice

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      Build a Healthy, Creative Yoga Practice

      Create unique yoga routines in seconds with this simple workout tool and live a healthier, more mindful life. Keep things simple by rolling the dice for a low-stress, fun, and creative way to make flows and engage in a full-body yoga practice.


      In-depth Instruction Booklet Included

      Color-coded by body area and with corresponding page numbers to the numbers on the dice for easy and fast reference. Each pose comes with detailed diagrams and step-by-step instructions. The booklet also contains background on yoga history, philosophy, benefits, and breathing techniques, making it perfect for beginners or as a refresher for seasoned yogis.


      Wide Variety of Poses for a Full Body Routine

      Rolling all 8 dice creates a yoga routine to work out the kinks and bring awareness to your entire body. Each die focuses on a different area of the body (hips, core, lower back, upper back, etc.) so you get a full-body stretch and a balanced yoga practice with thousands of possible combinations.